Friday, May 4, 2012

Mothers Day

Mother's day is coming up, and yes it's a hard day for me ( and Charlie). This will be the third Mothers day that I will celebrate with the thought of "maybe next year I'll be a mommy." This year will be a little different because for a short time I was a mommy and next Sunday I will remember and cherish those few weeks when all my dreams came true. I will give thanks for the time that God answered our prayers and celebrate the fact that one day we will be celebrating Mother's day with babies everywhere!!! I hope that my sweet babies in heaven are proud of the mommy they would of had down here and are anxiously awaited the day that I will meet them. I often dream about that day and get excited to know that no matter what happens down here with our fertility issues one day I'll meet my babies!!! Praise Jesus!!!!

Now, I will not just be celebrating the short time I was a mommy; I will also be celebrating the many many wonderful years I've spent with my mom. This year our celebration will be bittersweet. Even though she didn't carry out the pregnancy of her grandchildren, she was gracious and so humble that she gave up her body so that Charlie and I could be parents.There are not enough ways to say "thank you" enough. So this Mother's day I get to spend time with my mom and try to shower her with love and cherish all the memories we've created over the past few months. Both good and bad memories are times that I wouldn't give up for the world. I have a bond with my mom that no one can ever break. I will forever be thankful for her sacrifices she has made and the one sacrifice she tried to make for my husband and I.
There is a quote that I found that reminds me of my mom, it says "you've never really lived unless you have done so something for someone who can never repay you" My mom can say that she has lived because what she did for me my whole life including these past few months I can never ever repay her. I only hope and pray that I'm half as good a mom as she was to me. Happy Mother's day mom I love you!!!

I will also be celebrating Mother's day with my sweet mother in law. Even though she didn't raise me, she raised the most important man in my life. It's because of her that my husband is so wonderful to me. She taught him just how great you should treat your wife. I'm forever grateful for the wonderful Christian women that she is! I'm grateful for a mother in law who I know loves me as her own. I know without a doubt she prays without ceasing for Charlie and myself and her future grand babies. I'm truly blessed with a wonderful mother in law!

There are so many this mothers day that I am grateful to have in my life. My Gram, my Mamaw in heaven, Charlie's Mamaw and my sister in law. All great moms who deserve recognition this Mother's day. I'm grateful for each of these sweet women who are all great moms and wonderful christian women who have all impacted my life.

So looking back this Mother's day will be hard but man I'm so so blessed and I know that one day I will get to join these ladies in celebrating this wonderful and much deserving day. I can't wait to be a mommy!!!!!