Monday, November 26, 2012

43 days and counting...

Yep the countdown is on, as of today it is 43 days until little Parker is set to make his debut! We can hardly wait. Ive been doing some shopping and even though I have two showers next weekend I still cant stop myself from buying him things. His room is almost complete, I'm waiting for my applique I ordered that will go on the wall behind his bed and it says:

Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own, never forget for a single minute
 you didn't grow under my heart but in it!
It is the sweetest thing that I could ever say to my boy. I cant wait for it to get here so I can put it up. Charlie and I put up his blue and brown polka dots the other day I today I painted his ceiling fan and put blue polka dots on it to!
Last week we received a call from glad that Andrea wanted to talk with us earlier and meet with us on the day we were supposed to do our phone conversation. Oh my nerves were crazy, I was so nervous! We had the phone conversation last Tuesday, Charlie and I were both at work so it was a three way phone conversation with us, Andrea and Julie (from GLAD). It was the best conversation in the world. We feel in love with her, she is such a great person. She asked us questions about our fertility journey and how we decided on adoption. She asked us if we had a name picked out and when I told her what we like she LOVED Parker! We just fell into such a easy conversation, we talked for about 25 minutes and towards the end she said that she wouldn't have a lot of people at the hospital and she was wondering if we would want to be there!!!! I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry! So I did both, we were honored that she would even want us there. We cant wait to be there when Parker comes into this world! We will be meeting with her this weekend, to discuss more stuff but mostly we want to be together so at the hospital it wont be weird. I cannot wait to hug her neck and show her how happy she has made us!!!
We have so much to get ready, but for now we are just basking in the joy of our dreams coming true!!! We are just praising God everyday for this blessing that we don't deserve but are lucky enough to receive!
Please keep Andrea in your prayers, she has had such a rough life and is going to need extra love after Parker is born! Please pray for peace in her heart and that God blesses and protects her!!!
***** Oh AND Andrea was excited about giving us ultrasound pictures of baby Parker*****
Yep its a BOY!!!!!!
There is his little face!!!!
and another...isn't he beautiful!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The blog we have all been waiting for!!


Yes, this is the blog we have all been waiting for! On Thursday November 8th we received the call we have prayed for. We finally have a birth mom! She is due on January 9th, 2013 with a little BOY!!!!! We are absolutely over the moon with joy, happiness, excitement, nervousness and praise!

Now that I have announced our excitement I must now give glory and honor to our Lord and Savior for giving us this beautiful gift! He is the reason for our happiness and it is him who gets the glory! I want to shout "MY GOD IS GOOD, SO GOOD" He has answered our prayers. For this child we have prayed, and he has given us what we asked of him 1 Samuel 1:27

So on Thursday I was at work and around 230 the phone rings and it was Charlie, now Charlie never calls work so I knew something was up. When I answered the phone Charlie said, "hey are you sitting down" I immediately panic, thinking something is wrong. I said "oh no! What's wrong?" I could tell her was crying and he said as fast as he could, "babe, GLAD called and a birth mom choose us and its a boy and she is due January 9th!" I couldn't even breath, all I could think and say was "why didn't they call me?" ha ha!! And they did they tried my cell and since I was at work I didn't have it with me so they called Charlie. I just couldn't believe it, that this was true. After much of crying from both of us and all my co workers and even the students we all believed that we were getting a baby boy! My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I never pictured Charlie would be the one to tell me, I always thought I would be calling him but it couldn't have worked out any better! It is a moment in my life that I will never forget! For the whole day I felt like I was dreaming I had Charlie pinch me just to be sure.

We came home that night and told our family who is also so excited! We all cant believe that this is finally happening. The past few days have been spent planning and thinking and dreaming and getting ready for our bundle of joy! I alreasy have two showers planned! This baby is already loved my so so many!!!

Our birth moms name is Andrea she is 24 years old. Right now I'm asking for prayers for her, call her by name and ask God to bless her heart. She is giving us such an amazing gift and I want her to have peace about her decision, I want her to know that only God can fill that emptiness in her heart and I pray God will bless her for her amazing choice. Please pray for her everyday and thank God for placing her in our lives. I praise Jesus she listen to him and choose us!

Right now as I write this I am washing my baby boy's clothes. I'm putting his room together and imaging just how beautiful he will be! Charlie said the other day that this boy will want for nothing, and God willing he wont! That's the purpose of adoption, to love this boy more than he could ever imagine! Ive never seen my husband so on cloud nine. Its amazing to see him in such a light, he just glows! Plus he loves to tell everyone that he got to tell me that we were getting a baby! A perfect story to a perfect answered prayer!!!