Sunday, October 20, 2013

It just keeps on getting gooder and gooder!!!

Yes my blog title is not correct grammar, I meant it that way! My uncle Russ used to say this and still does when he preaches about all the great things our Lord has done for us and continues to do. It literally keeps on getting "gooder and gooder"

I find myself amazed at how God chooses to bless my little family. He continues to surprise us just when we least expect it. Charlie and I were beyond blessed with Parker and I honestly thought the Lord out did himself then, but on no I was completely wrong. He has once again shown Charlie and I just how great He is and we are seeing daily His plan for our lives put in motion,

Now with all the being said I'm hoping Ive built up the anticipation so when you read just how God has blessed us again you will be just as excited we were when we figured it out too!!

God's plan for our life isn't just loving on Parker, we will be given the opportunity to love and care for his older brother Zayden. Yes Zayden will be coming to stay with us temporary for now but we are hoping and praying for a permanent stay!! We are hoping to pick him up very soon and bring him home to his new room with his new bed, new clothes, new toys and more love than one little boy could imagine. We are both nervous and excited to welcome him into our family. Im beyond ecstatic that Parker gets to finally be ( temporary for now) with his biological brother. I'm honored that Andrea has trusted us once again to love one of her sons and I am blown away that my Lord and Savior is blessing us once again greater than I ever imagined!! I never knew that when Charlie and I began praying for a baby this is where we would be. I never dreamed that all our heartache and disappointments would lead to such pure joy and greatness. Our cup truly runnth over. We are so so blessed. I have no idea how we will manage a two year old and a 9 month old, i have no idea how we will afford it, I have no idea what the next few weeks, months and years will hold but I know who holds tomorrow and whose plan is greater than mine. Its a wonderful feeling to know that we are taken care of by our Lord.

As of now we are waiting on all the paperwork to get signed to bring Zayden here. Please pray for patience. He's currently in a foster home and they assure me he is doing great. It hopefully won't be too much longer till he is with us. If he is only with us for a while then we want it to be the best "while" ever. We hope to shoe him so much love and teach him as much about Jesus as we can.

We have been bombarded with gifts for Zayden, clothes and toys and shoes. We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who are going to love and care for him as if we've had him forever!! We cannot thank each of you enough for your continued love, prayers and support for our growing family! I pray that God blesses each of you ten fold!!!

With all this being said im asking...pleading for each one that reads this to please keep praying for Andrea. She is such a wonderful person and I pray she sees the joy she has brought to our lives. I pray that she has peace with her decisions and seeks the Lords guidance in all that she does. She has lots to do before Zayden can go back with her.
And if she is reading this now I hope she can see, read and tell just how much we love her boys and how much they have blessed our lives!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a time to remember....and rejoice


October is pregnancy and infant loss month. Today is the national day to remember these people who have been through such a tragedy. Tonight at 7:00 they are asking that all light a candle in rememberence of lose lost.

As I sit here on my mini vacation with my family im reminded of a year ago when I was at home lighting my own candle for my babies lost. I remeber sitting in the dark and looking at the flickering light and trying to make since of what God had put us through and what his plans were. Not knowing that in a few short weeks our prayers would be answered in the form of an amazing little boy. For me it was pregnancy loss, it was hard, it was painful and it was the hardest thing ive ever had to do. Looking back at our long journey I realized I would do it all again a million times if it meant in the end I would have Parker.  So today as I watch my parents and my inlaws as well as myself and Charlie love my Parker uncondtionally, I will contiune to miss my sweet babies and take hope that one day I will see them again. Im forever gratful to The Lord for sending Parker to us at just the right time, for he saved me from my depression and dispair. He has raised my spirits and has taught me that The Lord does hear our prayers and does care for us. So to others who were are in the same shoes i was in one year ago I tell you to have faith, The Lord is still on the right side of our God and hears each cry, pleas and prayer we pray for our future babies!!!!