Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Time has come

Well after being completely shocked, having 14 weeks of morning sickness, two trips to triage for dehydration, feeling and watching my baby move, and one more trip to the triage for false labor...... Delivery day is here!!!!!!

I honestly cannot believe it's really here. I've got so many mixed emotions going on. I'm so ready to see Brody's face and kiss him and show him his wonderful family one are also ready to meet him. However I love having him with me all day, all night. Knowing his ok, knowing when he sleeps and when he's awake. I love knowing what makes him mad as and what makes him kick like a crazy person. I know I'm going to miss being pregnant. But on the other hand I can't wait to sleep in my belly, have all this pressure all the time, the pain and the soreness to be gone will be AMAZING!!!

I've sit here this morning with an upset tummy (hoping it wasn't the fair food I ate last night) not knowing what exactly is going to happen. How's this all gonna play out ?? Will I be able to go this? What's it going to be like? Fast labor lots of pushing? Slow labor fast pushing??? The questions and wonder are killing me. I finally had to sit down and just cry. Like my entire life I have no control of this situation but I know who does. So I turned to him. I know Gods got this, he's in control and I pray he wraps his hands around me and Brody and by tomorrow we will both be in each other's arms safe and sound. I pray that my sweet Parker understands that this is a new addition to our family and that I still love him more than anything!! I pray that I'm the mom that both my boys need and that I can be able to raise them in a Christian home and teach them about how wonderful our God is. I pray for both Parker and Brody's salvation and that we as parents raise them to understand just how blessed we are!

I sometimes feel I don't deserve this opportunity. I have a beautiful amazing little boy who I adore. I don't deserve to have another!!! Gods grace is do amazing He gives us more than we ever deserved!!! I'm forever thankful to my savior for his endless blessings!!!

Hopefully this time tomorrow Brody will be here to complete our family! I can't wait to see his beautiful face and thank God for he is so so good!!!!!