Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finally they said...."Happy Mother's Day Lynsey"

Its been a while since I have been able to blog. And I feel that after this weekend its just a perfect time to pick it back up!!!

After suffering through 4 years of Mother's Day and not being a mommy, I just experienced my first one where people said, "Happy Mother's Day Lynsey" Ill tell ya it was one of the best days of my life. My world is completely perfect because I'm a mommy now! I have waited for this day for so long that its bitter sweet to finally stand at my church when they recognized all the mommies!! I stood up and held my sweet angel who cooed and kicked and I just praised my Jesus for this amazing gift!!!

Charlie and Parker gave me a beautiful necklace that is a mother holding her baby. It was so beautiful and perfect for my first Mother's Day. I was awaken to my boys bringing me breakfast in bed and Charlie and I laid beside Parker as he serenaded us with his beautiful voice, telling us who knows what but it was perfect music to my hears!! To see and hear the angel that will one day call me mommy made this day wonderful. I'm forever grateful to have such a wonderful baby to call mine!!

I received lots of wonderful gifts this weekend but none better than Parker, he makes my world go round. I feel everyday that I cant thank the Lord enough for bringing us to him! My cup runs over this weekend as I'm reminded of how far we've come and how blessed we are. My Jesus gave me the sweetest, happiest, most amazing little boy in the world! This has been the best Mother's Day ever, I pray for many more and that I will never ever forget this feeling of fulfillment!!

My sweet Parker is just growing and growing! He is rolling over, talking and trying his hardest to sit up! He has a tooth already in and more on the way. He just eats his fingers and is slobbering like crazy! He is 14lbs and 25in long and growing and growing. We started baby food this week and he loves it!! I believe he will be an eater!!

Ive been blessed to be able to share our story to two different groups who asked me to come. I'm overjoyed to be able to share with others just how great our God is and how patience and faith will bring such joy. Ive been able to speak with so many who are hurting due to infertility and miscarriage and tell them there is hope and joy will come in the morning. I may never know exactly why Charlie and I had to suffer all those years but I do know that God is using our suffering for his glory and to me that makes it all worth it!!!

Please continue to pray for Andrea, may she continue to have peace about her decision and that God will bless her because of it!!! We are forever grateful for her and her choice to let us raise Parker!!