Monday, September 9, 2013

Its been too long!


I know, I know, its been a while since Ive blogged! Ive had so many people tell me (including Andrea:)) that they are waiting for another blog. I know many of you already know and I'm quickly learning that when you have a baby there not a whole lot of "me time" to go around. Usually when I get a chance to do anything...its sleep :)

June brought us many celebrations, Charlie turned the big 30!!! We celebrated his birthday the same weekend as fathers day! We showered Charlie with some clothes and golf shoes and then we gave him personalized golf balls that had Parker's name on it and Father's Day 2013! He loved them! Parker and I are very lucky to have such a wonderful christian man in our lives! He truly is an amazing dad and father. The month of June also was the birthday of Parker's birth mom Andrea! We were able to get her some cute gifts (and of course Zayden too :)) We hope she had a wonderful birthday that she truly deserved!

July was another fun month! Charlie and I celebrated our 5th year of marriage. Ive been so blessed to be married to my best friend and soul mate. We also celebrated Parker's first 4th of July. That's one of my favorite holidays because I love fireworks!!! Parker wasn't really crazy about the noise but he loved all the colors! And of course July also brings my birthday!!! I celebrated with good friends and my wonderful baby! Hes the best gift I could of ever asked for :)

July was also a wonderful month because Parker was legally adopted!!!! We celebrated and the court house and continued our celebration that night at our house. We had an O "fish" al adoption party!! He is legally ours now and finally has a social security number. All of our friends and family came out to celebrate with us. We are so blessed to have so many who have prayed for us and continue to pray for us.

August was a busy traveling month, Charlie had quite a few golf tournaments out of town and Parker and I were able to go and watch and spend time with family. Parker loves to watch Charlie play golf and he loves to ride in the cart too!! We went to the zoo, which Parker loved but daddy was a little worried about him petting all the animals :) We also took him to see Sesame Street live and he loved it! He loves puppets so all the characters are hilarious to him but his favorite of course is Elmo!


Parker spent his summer either in his kiddy pool, momo's pool, the river, or the water park. Needless to say he loves the water and being outside :)
He is just growing and growing so fast. He's all over the place, not yet crawling but he gets on all fours and rocks back and forth and then ends up rolling where he needs to go! He loves to bounce and bounce. He's crazy about his cousin Daylee, he loves her to pieces! He is the happiest baby of all time! And of course makes me incredibly happy!

Hes had quite a few ear infections since he was born but the past couple of months hes had them really bad. We have a referral to an ENT and are hoping to get tubes put in as soon as possible! Please pray that this helps and will take care of the problem!

Charlie and I are so blessed to be the parents of this wonderful boy! He makes our lives complete! I read in another blog about adoption that people will come up to you and say "that baby has no idea how lucky they are" and all you can think as his parents is "no we're the lucky ones" and there is never a more true statement. Parker isn't the lucky one, we are!!! Sometimes it feels like my heart just may explode with love for that boy. I think what we went through before Parker and it seems like just a distant memory. That boy has come into my life and wiped all my pain away, he's given me laughter and love and joy that I thought was gone. He's made me a better person, mom and most of all Parker Taylor saved me from me. He's taught me infinite love and the moment I laid eyes on him I became his mom and I would do anything to make sure he was taken care of. There is nothing greater than being a mom but there is nothing greater than being Parker's mommy!!

Please continue to pray for Andrea and Zayden. They have both been on my heart so heavy these past few weeks. I pray that she continues to have peace and will continue to go to GLAD for their wonderful services! We love you Andrea and Zayden!!