Sunday, January 20, 2013

The day my life changed forever

On January 2nd 2013 my entire world changed forever! A beautiful 6 pound 11 ounce baby boy came into this world and into my heart! I have never known such love. Parker Taylor has been the best blessing and such a wonderful way to end this crazy, hard, emotional yet amazing journey!

At 3:22 I stood beside Andrea as she pushed and push our little boy into this world. She was amazing, Im not sure I could of been as strong as she was! Once he was out Andrea let me cut the umbillical cord! It was the most amazing feeling ever. I watched as they weighed him and I held his little hand. My heart was so overjoyed, it felt as if I was dreaming. Charlie, Parker and I took our first family photo.

After he was cleaned up I was able to breast feed him. It was the most incredable feeling to have him skin to skin with me and be able to provide for him already. He has the most amazing face, its absoulty precioues. He is perfect, every little inch of him is perfect. Im not sure Charlie and I could of created a more perfect baby on our own.

We had to stay in the hospital till Friday and then we had to stay in a hotel till papers were signed and we could cross state lines. We are now finally home and enjoying every minute of parenthood. I cant wait to teach him new things and watch him grow.

Four years ago I would of never dreamed this is how I would be a mommy. But im so glad that Gods plan was better than mine because he sure knew what he was doing. Parker is the perfect addition to our lives. He makes the world go round and I am forever thankful for Andrea and her amazing gift!!

Please keep Andrea in your prayers. She is such a strong and amazing women. She may never know just how precious she is to us. She will always be apart of our lives and we will forever love her for what she did. I pray she will know her true worth and be so proud of the decision she made for us!