Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Joy comes in the morning

One year ago this week mom and I revived the news that the embryos that were implanted in us both did not survive and we were both in the process of miscarrying. I remember my heart breaking, I've never known such pain. I remember thinking valentines day would forever be ruined because I would always remember my pain and heart ache.
I remember the day after Charlie had to go to work and I laid in the bed screaming out in such pain, I begged him to stay with me and hold me to take the pain away! My heart was broken into. I had no idea how I was ever going to get up and go on with my life! I remember the scripture in psalms that says " weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning" I knew my joy would come, I didn't know when or how long I had to wait but I trusted that God would bring me through and my hearts desire would be met!!

Here I am one year later holding the most amazing valentine ever!!! God heard my cry, he gave me the desire to be a mom, he remembered his promise!! Morning came and JOY followed!!! What an amazing morning it was!!! Parker is the most wonderful thing to ever come into our lives!!! He brings us such joy and happiness!! I can't imagine my life without him!!!

I've always said that Charlie would be an amazing father but I had no idea just how great he would be!! It's amazing to see your husband become a father!!! He's such a great dad and Parker adores him!!! I love to listen to him talk to Parker and watch his face light up with such love!! We are so blessed this valentines day to be sharing it with our angel!!!

Gods timing is perfect, his desires are perfect and his promises are perfect!!! we will forever be grateful to The Lord for answering our prayers and leading Andrea to us!!!