Monday, December 17, 2012

3 weeks and counting!!!!

Yes three weeks are counting.....unless little Parker decides to make his entrance earlier.

We got a call 2 weeks ago From GLAD that said Andrea was in the emergency room because she though her water broke. It didn't however she left the hospital at 3 cm dilated!!! She went back to the doctor last Wednesday and still 3 cm and hasn't thinned out. So Parker may actually wait till January 9th or he may come this week, we really don't know. However, Charlie and I cannot wait till he is here!!!

Last weekend I was "showered" my so many wonderful people. Saturday my coworkers gave me a "mustache" bash for Parker! I left there with his bedding, his car seat and stroller, cute clothes and wonderful keepsakes! On Sunday our church family gave us another wonderful shower were we received so much stuff it was crazy!!! We are still putting things away!! We are so blessed to have so many people who already love Parker and cant wait till he gets here. This little man will have so many people to love on him that he wont know what to do with!!!
My wonderful coworkers

This is just half the stuff we came home with
At my church shower there were a group of ladies who came who have been praying for Charlie and I to have a baby for a few years! These ladies touched my heart not only by their prayers but with their joy of Parker. They may me more excited than we are!! I wanted to get my picture with them so I can put it in Parker's scrap book so one day I can tell him just how special these ladies are and how God can answer prayers!!
Our prayer warriors

I just finished writing 175 thank you cards, yes 175!!! That's how may gifts we received for Parker, I cry just writing this! This little boy has no idea how special he really is and how much he has affected so many lives and he's not even here yet!!! Praise you Lord for the people who have prayed and are continuing to pray!

As always please continue to pray for Andrea and baby Parker. I'm sure as the days are getting closer that she is getting pretty miserable. Also please continue to pray for peace about her decision to let us adopt sweet Parker! She has no idea how much joy she has brought to so many people! We will never be able to thank her for what she is doing for us! I just Praise Jesus she has entered our lives!!!

Parker's nursey all ready for him!