Sunday, August 19, 2012's the hardest part!

Adoption application....check.
Portfolio for birth mom.....check
Home study completed.... Check
Ok so everything is completely finished so what's next? WAITING! It's the worst part for me. Because as most of you know I'm not a patient person! My social worker said it best " patience isn't something you learned, you just learn to tolerate it" and that is the truth! I have no other choice but to wait!

We have turned everything in and now we are just waiting for the phone call that lets us know we have a birth mom. After that we could possibly meet her and then if she chooses us we will soon take home her baby. I find myself constantly checking my phone ( just in case)

Charlie won't let me do too much to the baby's room. Just in case it takes a while. I on the other hand can't wait to get started. Right now we have a bassinet, swing, pack n play and jump a ro. Charlie says we can get more when we have a birth mom. As frustrated as I get with him I understand he doesn't want anymore disappointment for me which makes him so sweet.

Part of the deal with GLAD is that the first year with the baby I have to be part time. If you know Charlie he kinda of freaked out about cutting my paycheck in half. However after prayer we decided that God has taken care of us this far we trust he will continue to bless us. We have to walk by faith and trust in him. So I went ahead and told work that I needed to cut hours and that I understand it usually takes a while and that was ok because we didn't know when we would get a baby. The next day my boss came to me and told me a girl from the clinic was let go because they closed it down and if I was serious about cutting my hours they were going to give them to her. I panicked but I knew that it had to be God because it all happened too perfect. So in September I will just be working two days a week. When the baby gets here it will be nice but right now I'm a little nervous of the to e I will have on my hands. I pray we get this baby soon do I can spend as much time with it as possible.

We continue to ask for prayers for Charlie and I as we prepare for this journey. We are very anxious to receive " the call " and pray that we can provide a loving a godly home for this baby. Also keep our birth mother in your prayers who ever she may be. I can't imagine what she is going through and I pray that she may have peace in her decision.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. We are very lucky to have such amazing friends and family!!!