Friday, May 20, 2016


It seems that life with two boys is a pretty busy one. It's been quite a few months since I've blogged.
Parker is three years old. He's a very energetic, crazy, funny little boy. We're currently in our first season of u4 soccer. He kinda likes it. He'd rather socialize with the girls than kick the ball. His daddy is concerned he isn't going to be athletic....I think it's hilarious! He's three!!!! He's enjoying himself and that's what matters!!! He's going to start preschool in September, which breaks my heart to pieces. But he's going to go two years before kindergarten so I know he'll love it and do well.....his daddy is a preschool dropout so hopefully Parker will do better!!! He's a great big brother to Brody. He loves him so much. Their bond is beautiful and I enjoy watching them play and laugh!

Brody man will be two in just a few short weeks. I have no idea how the time flies by as quickly as it does. He's going to have a tractor themed party. He's starting to learn how to ride and drive Parker's tractor, so he may be getting one for his birthday. He's starting to get such a fun personality. I think he's going to be more like me...😉. The boy eats from the time he's awake to the time he goes to bed (also like his momma). He adores Parker and loves playing with him. He learns so much from him and wants to be just as big as him. Brody is my lovey baby, he's always loving and hugging and kissing. He's so sweet, it melts my heart. He's my sweet blessing.

Charlie and I are enjoying parenthood. It's the hardest job that tests our patience and feels our heart with so much joy!

This blog was made for those who want to read about our journey to parenthood. It's here to help encourage others as they long for their dreams of having a baby to come true. I hope when those who still read this get that encouragement. We've had a long, painful journey that led us to adoption the experiencing our own pregnancy and birth. Both boys are the greatest blessing and answered prayer from our wonderful God who, even though we're undeserving, continues to bless us!
With that said, we ask that you continue to pray for Parker's birth mom, Andrea. She has a pretty big decision to make in the coming months. We love her very much and her life and her issues will always be apart of us. We want her to be happy and know how loved she is. We will always be so thankful for all she's done for us in our sweet Parker. The joy he's brought is beyond explanation. Adoption is the greatest, most humbling experience. Please continue to pray for her to look to the lord in all she does! 

Here are a few pics of our crazy life with our biggest blessings and greatest joys!!!!
Always remember in all circumstances to PUSH!!!