Monday, October 2, 2017

To my precious boys.......

To my precious boys,
Today, October 2nd 2017 in the once beautiful United States of America you woke up to a beautiful sunny day filled with preschool, mamaw's house and cousin time. Followed by snack time and naps, laughter and playing. Meanwhile we've (the adults) have learned of a tragedy that has once again shaken us to the core. We awoke to hear of another shooting, more deaths, injuries and pain that should of never happened. We see hate everyday, all day. We can't even mourn the loss before we've all placed blame, pointed fingers and ridiculed what we don't know. 
Each day you wake up is a new day to learn and grow and find even more ways to be happy. We, as adults learn of a new tragedy, a new drug or a new way to offend people. I watch you play and use your imagination. You learn to share and care for your brother, your friends and even that kid on the playground you've never met. You don't see color, hate or pain. You only see in love. If I could bottle it up I would and we'd all drink it everyday. We'd all remember that beauty of childhood, the freedom of choices and the fearlessness of being yourself!!!
But sadly one day boys you will begin to see the bad. You'll start to slowly lose the innocence that once lay in your heart and made you, you. I never want to tell you the bad things that happen, the pain, the fear, the worry that comes as you grow. But momma is crazy scared tonight of the world in which you both will grow up in. Tonight I fear that you'll both grow up with a constant fear. You'll both be uneasy of your surroundings and not know what may happen as you step out everyday. 

Tonight I pray for God's protection on you, daily from the enemy. I pray Gods hand is on you every single step you take, everyday. I pray you always, always, always shine for Jesus. I pray he uses you both as a light for him and through him. I pray protection on your heart as you'll be ridiculed and persecuted for your beliefs. I pray you stay strong and courageous! I pray I equips you enough to know right from wrong, even when the world, the media, Hollywood tell you otherwise. I pray you stand firm in your beliefs and stand firm in the truth! I pray these things over you both because I have no idea what tomorrow holds. I know our world is crazy, people need Jesus and I need you both! I sometimes feel guilty for being such beautiful souls into a nasty, dirty world. But I'm reminded by you daily that your light can be the good this world needs to see. I pray you get to keep your sweet innocent childhood as long as possible. I'm sorry boys that this world is crazy but I know with you both in it, it's bound for greatness!!!! God bless you both and God bless the USA! 

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