Sunday, March 24, 2019

Dear first momma

Dear First momma,
It’s been a while since we’ve talked. 6 years to be exact. Our boy is 6 years old....somehow 6 years has past.
Parker is in kindergarten this year and...well...doesn’t LOVE it but is doing better. He loves his friends and social life (he gets that from me) and he loves to learn new things (he gets that from Charlie) but it’s the “work” part he struggles with.....he only wants to do the fun things. He’s very smart....very polite....very outspoken and mostly very precious! He can count to 100, knows all his letters and sounds and is starting to learn to read.
Parker has a heart as big as the sky! He loves as big as the sky and loves to show it. He’s always wanting to please whoever he’s around. He’s hilarious and entertaining too. He’s got quite a few friends at school. We told him this year for his birthday he could choose 5 friends to take to eat and play games. It took him weeks to narrow it down, almost broke his heart he couldn’t take them all!!!
Right now he’s into games! Has an x box, Nintendo switch and DS. He says he’s a “gamer”! He loves Mario, sonic, and transformers. He’s an awesome big brother to his two little brothers. He’s always willing to help and will usually always play with them when they want him too.
He’s playing basketball right now. Not the greatest at it but he’s learning. We’ve conquered t ball and soccer over the past few years. I’m the crazy momma in the stands cheering for her baby!!!!
Charlie has taken him hunting a couple times, he’s shot Charlie’s gun and loves it so I foresee many hunts in his future.
We’ve had a few health issues over the past few years, nothing serious just some tummy troubles. We think he’s lactose intolerant and treating that has helped him tons. It’s rough because he LOVES milk and chocolate ice cream.
He’s my picky eater though!! He likes about 5 things. One of those was guacamole but we learned he’s allergic to cilantro so that’s out now. He loves chicken fries and cheesy potatoes, taco’s no letters or shell, spaghetti...sometimes, bread, turkey sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Thats about it....

I know this year your struggling a little with the adoption. I know you know you made the right choice but I also know it doesn’t make it “easier”. I wanted you to know that your loved, adored and prayed for. We could never thank you for the gift of Parker. He not only blesses us but every person he meets. He’s beautiful inside and out. He was meant for us and us for him. There will NEVER be a day we let his adoption be a negative. We will always make it a positive. We praise you for your decision, that you didn’t “give him up” but chose to let him live and gave a girl who needed him a chance to love him! He’ll ask questions in time and we’ll try to answer as honestly as we can. No answer will ever be given to degrade you but to uplift you and your beautiful decision.
Your loved beautiful girl, not only by us and our son but by our Heavenly Father who lead you to us. We thank God for you both everyday!
Keep your head up, your doing good, your loved, and thanked for everyday!!!!!

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